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Process Outputs

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)

RNG is natural gas produced from biogenic carbon waste, meaning it does NOT come from fossil fuels. The feedstock used to produce RNG includes food waste, animal and human waste, wood biomass, and organic industrial and commercial waste. RNG is in great demand due to its biogenic carbon origin. The use of RNG qualifies the end user to receive carbon credits as offsets against carbon tax.

Most RNG comes primarily from the capture of methane in landfills and from anaerobic digestion systems. Both landfill gas capture and anaerobic digestion produce much less gas per tonne of biogenic carbon waste processed. A  system should be able to converts 100% of biogenic carbon waste into clean energy like RNG.

The RNG produced by a system should be able to  be injected into the existing natural gas pipeline for distribution across North America or further converted to LNG for export off shore.

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