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Hydrogen is not just an idea, it is here to stay

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Green Hydrogen

Hydrogen (H2) is a chemical element abundant in nature. Currently, most industrial hydrogen is produced by steam reforming natural gas and is used in the refinery business for hydrocracking. Hydrogen is also produced through electrolysis, which requires large amounts of electricity.

A system must be capable of producing hydrogen in a much more sustainable way. When hydrogen is produced from 100% biogenic carbon waste (non-fossil fuel sources, such as occurs in our system), the hydrogen can be deemed, “Green Hydrogen.”

The future of hydrogen use, specifically “Green Hydrogen,” is extensive and strong. Fuel Cell technology uses hydrogen as its energy source, and will be used to power automobiles, trucks, buses, aircraft, ships, and trains. The demand for “Green Hydrogen” is hereby accelerating at a rapid pace, and our system will help to meet this demand in an emission-free and fossil fuel-free way.

We can produce Hydrogen less expensively than electrolysis or other processes. And large sustainable volumes for long term off takers.

Green hydrogen may be energy’s future, but it’s complicated

Hydrogen can be initially confusing as a veritable color palate is used to describe the various ways the fuel is produced.

Green hydrogen is made using electrolysis powered entirely by renewable energies, such as wind, solar and hydro.

This sets it apart from blue hydrogen, which is also touted as a clean energy, but it’s produced by using natural gas with carbon capture and storage.

Grey hydrogen is made from natural gas but without the carbon sequestration, while black and brown hydrogen is made using coal.

Article from Reuters – 6/23/2022

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